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Why IvyCare


IvyCare is an inclusive School Management System for colleagues across admissions, academic, finance/accounting and administrative functions instantly making working together simpler, more efficient and effective.

Unique communication and workflow tools for teachers, staff, parents and pupils ensure daily operations are streamlined, simple and trackable.

Seamless billing and school accounts management provides transparency for financial staff, leadership and parents, with remote access via secure portals and the Engage App.

Dynamic reporting, custom dashboards and a range of visualisation options at your fingertips can translate a wealth of data from across the system into valuable knowledge and insights.

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For pupils and parent

IvyCare is the heart of our school management information system, forming the core, comprehensive package for student, teacher, staff and parent data. Senior leadership teams, teachers and administrators can access key information at individual, group and whole-school level.

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For teachers


provides the very best tools and support for teachers in independent, fee-paying and international schools, enabling them to focus on their students.

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For school management

IvyCare provides the firm foundation for the school’s financial data within its school management information system. Seamlessly integrated with the education-focused Engage School and Engage Teaching, Bursars and Finance teams have every tool needed for smooth financial management at their fingertips.

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IvyCare Apps


It seems as if we’re all on the move, all the time, and this is particularly true for international and independent school communities. The Engage School App allows your school community to keep in touch, collaborate and share insight no matter where they are, regardless of time zone

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